Fibreglass step edges / Fibreglass stair-nosings

Fibreglass Anti-Slip Step Edges

Suitable for Industrial & Commercial Environments


Quick and easy to install

Our fibreglass safety step edging - offers a cost effective, long term solution to help comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, with particular reference to the visually impaired.

The Act, in essence, indicates that all stairs accessed by members of the public should have a contrasting coloured nosing fitted to all step edges and in addition such stair nosings should provide a slip resistant surface particularly when wet.

fibreglass safety step edging in yellow



Fibreglass Anti-Slip Step Edge Information:

Maximum size of step edge - 3000mm x 55mm tread depth and a 55mm riser - Nominal 3mm thickness.

FINISHES - External (Coarse Grade) or Internal (Medium Grade) - Please enquire on which grade to use

Step Covers are available in yellow or white.

Cutting & Drilling Service + Shipping Available

Made to your own specification


Sizes Available:
Product Name Product Code Length x Depth x Riser
Anti-Slip Step Edge SE1000-55-55 1000 x 55 x 55
Anti-Slip Step Edge SE1500-55-55 1500 x 55 x 55
Anti-Slip Step Edge SE2000-55-55 2000 x 55 x 55
Anti-Slip Step Edge SE3000-55-55 3000 x 55 x 55

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Please note: that these colours are given as an indication only. Accurate colour matches can only be achieved with physical samples. Please contact us for more details: