RS Bateman Ltd - Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

All customer information recorded and processed by us is carried out in observance of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations effective from 25th May 2018.

Stair-Nosing UK - Privacy Statement - Information Taken  Information:  General Information collected consists of the following:
Name / Company Name / Invoice Address / Delivery Address / Contact Telephone / Mobile Number / Email Address / Website Address / Bank Details / Invoice & Payment Transactions / Letterhead / Business Cards.

You can contact us at any time to either request, correct, retract or remove your personal information from our records, free of charge.  This can be done in writing by email: or by sending your request in writing by post to:


Stair-Nosing UK - Privacy Statement - Information to Third Parties  Giving Information to third parties:  Customer Enquiries / Application for Account:
Any information you do give us such as an application for an account is filed in our "New Customer" file
We confirm that there is nothing reproduced electronically or passed on to a third party without written consent from the customer.

Stair-Nosing UK - Privacy Statement - Website Cookies  Website Cookies :
All modern browsers have the ability for a user to change their settings concerning cookies, and block websites from storing cookies on their machines, however, this is now not enough. We do however state that when you access this website we do not extract information from your computer for our own marketing purposes, therefore, we confirm the following:

We do not send marketing mailshots / newsletters to any past customer or prospective new customer as we respect your privacy, we will only send out information on our products if you contact us and give us permission.

Stair-Nosing UK - Privacy Statement - Customer Payments  Customer Payments:
Any payments you make to us by cheque / BACS / Credit Card / Debit Card / Cash are recorded and filed in our financial accounting system - We do not keep your Credit / Debit Card details after the transaction has been completed - any written information given to us is securely shredded - any payments received through our Paypal Shopping Cart are encryted so we do not see your card details - Please see PayPal Privacy Policy for more information.

Stair-Nosing UK - Privacy Statement - Delivering your Order  Delivering Your Order :
In order to process your order we sometimes have to pass on your delivery address, contact name and telephone number to the shipper / courier if we do not deliver ourselves. In such cases only the minimum amount of information is passed on.

Stair-Nosing UK - Privacy Statement - Third Party Information on Customers  Third Party Requests for Information on Customers:
If there is a request for your company or personal information by anyone outside your company, we would ask you for your consent in writing and obtain your answer in writing before passing anything on.

If you have any further questions or comments about, your order, or the products and services we provide, please call us on (01274) 394904 between 8.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.